50 year old cosmetics don’t seem to work… that may be about to change

About Author Marko Visic, M.Pharm.(Master’s in Pharmacy) is a professional pharmacist with years of experience, and is very passionate about truly natural and healthy products.

I’m not old enough to think about rejuvenating my skin yet, but I’m concerned about it -not because of my age, but because I see people in their 30’s and 40’s wearing heavy makeups to cover wrinkles. It almost makes me think that all this cosmetic stuff is not working for people and they have to somehow cover their years with face powder. The reason I panic at this heavy makeup is because I remember my mother using the same technique to cover her age 20 years ago. It seems that not much has changed.


The cosmetics industry is supposed to be innovative with cutting-edge science but in reality seems to be regurgitating the same products over and over again. I believe it is time to use modern technology to give our skin what it needs. (standard moisturizers use a base of water which is as useful as splashing water from the faucet… it doesn’t help!)

The biggest profits are still made with outdated cosmetics. At Go-Nayked.com we spent countless hours researching the new science behind cosmetics. In a time when people are regularly taking space flights, biotechnology is on the brink of creating artificial organs and the internet is changing society at a rapid pace one would hope that there would be something, anything at all, just a tiny bit of info about new technology that big cosmetics companies use to actually help modern women and men.

We discovered nothing. From the big cosmetics companies you get all the usual nonsense about moisture, honey, natural ingredients and so on. This is what my mother bought some 20 years ago and is still being sold today. Everything started to make sense. If the outdated cosmetics are creating biggest profits, why would big cosmetics companies ever stop producing these useless creams and lotions?

Being a science guy and still having hope in humanity I decided we should dig deeper. This led us to smaller cosmetic companies that don’t have 100 years of history and are not selling 50 year old cosmetics. These are the companies that have to live on the quality of their product to start rising in the cosmetics business. The best way to fight big established brands is innovation. It is here where we uncovered true innovation in the cosmetics industry and why it is so difficult to see these high quality products being used by ordinary people.

One of the companies that crossed our radar for innovation in cosmetics is Juice Beauty. They use -check this out- stem cells as a skin rejuvenation agent. This is exactly the ground breaking innovation we were looking for. Seeing how stem cells can become any cell in the body – they can for example develop into heart cells and heal massive heart injuries (efficiency on heart-breaks is disputed, otherwise Taylor Swift would be Juice Beauty’s number 1 costumer) – it is easy to understand how stem cells in a face cream can develop into new skin cells and rebuild your skin. You can discover more about the innovative company employing stem cell technology in organic cosmetics at Juice Beauty.

In the end it will be up to these small companies and consumers like us to change the landscape of cosmetics. The science an dtech is out there to absolutely change skin care for the better… demand it, pay for it, and support it… big cosmetics companies will have to listen. As long as we support big cosmetics companies with their outdated products, these companies will not change. 

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