Choosing a Better Soap for Body, Hair, Mind, and the Planet

“In all we do, let us be generous, fair, and loving to spaceship earth and all it’s inhabitants. For we’re all-one or none.” This is Dr. Bronner’s slogan, and it is as relevant today as it was in 1948 when the company was founded. At, we value people from all walks of life and all corners of the world, and we proudly support other companies that share this view. That’s why we’re shining the spotlight on an independent company that lives and breathes this ideology. Dr. Bronner’s uses their amazing soaps to spread a message of peace and unity, reminding us all that little things can make a big difference.

The People

The Bronners are an eccentric family who have embraced their quirks to create a brand that is unlike any other. Thanks to their unconventional products and business practices, they’ve created the top-selling organic soap in North America. The company’s founder, Dr. Bronner, was a soap-maker and a passionate activist who was intent on spreading his plan for world peace. After being institutionalized for his apparent rantings (some thought that he was as crazy as a fox), he escaped (ninja style) and created Dr. Bronner’s soap company. This company is currently run by his grandsons, whose similarities to their grandfather are exemplified by their nicknames: ‘The Crazy Fox’ and ‘The Ninja’. These men have remained true to their grandfather’s vision of the company, bringing Dr. Bronner’s unprecedented success.

The Product

Given the fantastic people who run the company, it isn’t surprising that Dr. Bronner’s soaps are nothing short of amazing. Like the brand and the people, the products are one-of-a-kind! Their soaps are much more concentrated than commercial soaps and contain the perfect blend of olive oil for softness and coconut oil for lather. Their products reflect their mission to be fair and loving to spaceship earth, showing that this company practices what they preach. Their soaps are made with natural ingredients that are sustainably produced through ethical sourcing and fair trade, do not contain any animal fat, and are biodegradable and nature friendly. Using their products is a great way to show your love for yourself, other people, other animals, and the planet.

Not to mention the versatility of the product, 18 different uses from hair, laundry, dishes,  body wash to name a few, and their fans have found countless other uses, making a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap a must for every household.

The Packaging

Mixing old school simplicity with progressive activism, Dr. Bronner’s unique packaging is the hallmark of the company. Dr. Bronner’s peace plan that he believed in so passionately is printed in small font across the product labels, spreading his philosophy of peace and oneness. Labels of ‘so-called’ healthful personal care products are of great concern to our staff at; while food products have strict legal requirements for the use of terms like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ on their labels, those regulations do not extend to the personal care industry. We support Dr. Bronner’s because they advocate for organic integrity in personal care and their ingredients are made from certified organic materials.

Dr. Bronner’s has fought for a marketplace where consumers are not misled into purchasing toxic products in disguise. At we are proud to present such a marketplace. Help support this movement by going nayked before you get clean and purchasing approved Dr. Bronner’s products at our Marketplace.

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