Dark Hair, Don’t Care!

While Miley Cyrus may not be known for making the best decisions, her current choice of hair color is on point! Dark hair is in, and chestnut brown and warm black are two of the hottest shades. If you’ve been thinking about deepening your hair’s hue, then winter is the perfect time. Since the sun isn’t as strong, you don’t have to worry about premature fading and since roots are less obvious, you can space out salon appoints. You don’t have to battle the weather on your way to the salon as often, and you can save money and time. Opting for a darker shade this season seems like an easy choice.  


Unfortunately, I recently learned that the beauty industry is taking cues from the pavement industry.
Coal tar, a product used in sealcoats for parking lots and driveways, is also used in some beauty products, particularly dark colored hair dye. Because coal tar causes cancer, it is now banned from sealcoats in many states. Yet, the FDA still considers it safe for use in beauty products because it is found in small amounts that are considered ‘safe’ and because it is not ingested. But, if these products are used chronically over an extended period of time, and they’re absorbed through the skin – are they really safe? I don’t want to take that chance, and by shopping at Go-Nayked where none of the products contain coal tars, or any other toxic chemicals, I don’t have to.

P-phenylenediamine is the component of coal tar that is found in dark colored hair dyes. Some studies have shown a strong relationship between hair dye and non-Hodgkins lymphoma, indicating a cause and effect relationship; in other studies the relationship wasn’t quite strong enough to prove that the chemical caused the cancer. Since this is considered conflicting evidence, P-phenylenediamine is still permitted for use in hair dye. That’s another chance that I don’t want to take.

But at times, like before a job interview or a big date, it can be tough to choose between nice hair now and good health later; fortunately, we don’t have to. Check out Natural hair dyes on our marketplace
, they are chemical free and they look amazing! You can find shades in almost every color including medium brown, dark brown, and black, perfect for this season.

Another malady that dark haired beauties often suffer from in the winter months is dandruff. I hate to break it to you ladies, but coal tar is also used as an active ingredient in dandruff shampoos. Coal tar works by slowing down the growth of skin cells and long-term use can cause hair follicle problems. A better way to treat dandruff is to moisturize your scalp, and a deep conditioning treatment with Nutiva coconut oil will do just that. Simply apply a few table spoons to your damp hair and allow it to sit for twenty to thirty minutes. With coconut oil and natural hair dye, blondes aren’t the only ones who will be having fun this winter.

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