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Well friends, hate to say it out loud but we are afraid that winter is on its way. As the weather gets colder, we often (always) find ourselves falling into unhealthy habits. We spend as much time as we can inside with the heat on, which saps the moisture from our skin. We indulge in comfort foods and unhealthy convenience foods and find ourselves binge-watching all of those series that we missed during the summer, when we were too busy enjoying the great outdoors. We know that we are not alone in this, and even if you are one of those rare winter-lovers who we envy, you’re skin probably doesn’t feel the same way about this season as you do.


This year is going to be different though, because this winter the staff at Go-Nayked.com are making a pledge to make a change. Rather than let this winter sap our joy and healthy habits with its cold weather and delicious, tempting holiday treats, we’re  pledging to stay healthy – inside and out – and we’re asking you to join us. Winter is supposed to be a time for rejuvenation, so take the Go-Nayked pledge below to embrace the cold and stay healthy by making four promises to yourself and the rest of the Go-Nayked community:

1. I promise to take at least fifteen minutes a day to turn inward and participate in a quiet reflective activity, like meditation, journaling, or prayer.

2. I promise to spend at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week, braving the elements and participating in an outdoor activity.

3. I promise to care for and rejuvenate my skin after daily exposure to the harsh winter elements, using natural, healthful products.

4. I promise to eat healthy snacks throughout the day, so that I don’t binge on unhealthy, convenience foods in the evening.

If you ask us, life is too short to spend four to six months out of every year cooped up inside mistreating our bodies. Commit to embracing the cold this winter by adding your name to the comments below and encourage your friends and family to take the pledge with you.

By spending time outdoors every day we can get our bodies moving and get our daily dose of Vitamin D, just don’t forget to dress warm and protect your skin from UV damage! You can find an array of natural, non-toxic, sunscreens in our marketplace at Go-Nayked.com (check out our blog ‘oxy-benzone the dark side of sunscreen’ to see why it’s important to use a non-toxic sunscreen).


One way that I’m going to stay active this winter is by taking snowboarding lessons. To save some money for this and keep my promise to care for my skin, I’ve switched to a DIY winter skincare routine – (Check out the ‘winter skincare’ blog for my exact routine). To fulfill the last two promises, I plan to meditate by the fireplace in the evening and stock up on wholesome, healthy snack bars from Go-Nayked.com. How do you plan to keep your pledge to stay healthy this winter? Share your plans to keep your commitment to turn inward, get outside, care for your skin, and eat healthy during the winter months!

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