The Healthy Eating Game (+Our Choice: Clifbar)

Doesn’t it seem that healthy eating becomes more difficult everyday? Things that used to be as simple as choosing a snack with no added sugar has now become a game of interpreting names of ingredients and comparing nutrition labels.

At we work tirelessly to identify the healthy living products that are truly healthy living. As a free resource to you, our writers and editors search out, test, and report back on true healthy living items. We play the games that you don’t have the time to play and give you the products and companies that are making a positive difference in your daily life and the world we all live in.


One of the biggest shell games being played right now is in regard to high fructose corn syrup. The ingredient has been linked with a host of health and environmental issues but is a staple of most processed foods and snacks. With growing awareness of the dangers of the ingredient consumers and government agencies alike have called for it’s removal from food products. In response the processed food industry had several options available:

1. remove high fructose sugars from foods (requires a natural healthier substitute)
2. fight the criticisms with good science supporting the ingredient (there is no supporting science)
3. changing the name of the ingredient (way easier). Of course they have decided to change the name. High fructose is now just “fructose”.

Like you we are tired of the games and at we have identified several products that do not use high fructose, fructose or other fillers in their foods. Today we are going to give you one great snack option that is marketed towards kids but is just as good for adults too. It comes from a US based company that consistently donates and supports a number of great causes along with their commitment to sustainability.


Clifbar Company started out when a husband and wife decided to make honest healthy snacks for their family. The snack bars are the perfect size for a morning or afternoon treat and easily fit in the pocket of your favorite cycling or running clothes. We have sampled every flavor and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

(Their original energy bar is now accompanied by a host of other treats. Made with only organic ingredients, it is listed as USDA Organic, the bars come in a number of flavor choices including Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Chip, Honey Graham, Iced Lemon Cookie, Iced Oatmeal Cookie, and S’mores.)

With a great mix of carbs, proteins, and vitamins the ClifBar is the perfect snack food that skips the corporate “guess the ingredient” game and provides you with an organic taste of what you want. Available online, through our store, or in your favorite big box stores ClifBar is our recommendation for a great snack. To see which Cliff Bar Products make our cut, check out the GO-NAYKED Marketplace


Healthy eating does not have to be difficult and should not require playing constant games. If you are going to buy a snack food why not buy a snack food that is made with healthy ingredients by a company dedicated to helping the planet? We are making it easy for you to find healthy living products from great companies, bookmark and subscribe to our newsletter for more great tips on healthy eating and healthy living.

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